Victorine Lafferty

Victorine Lafferty, Director, Seniors and Continuing Care Services, Health and Social Services, Government of the Northwest Territories

Bio: Victorine is currently employed as Director, Seniors and Continuing Care Services for the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Health and Social Services. Victorine holds a Master of Business Administration in Project Management, and Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management with Athabasca University. She holds Graduate Certificates in Health Administration (Acute Care) with University of Saskatchewan, Health Service Management with the Canadian Health Care Association; and certificates in project management and program evaluation.   Victorine has held several positions with the GNWT, such as: Policy Officer, Public Health; Planning Advisor, Population Health; Health Planner, Inpatient Services; Primary Health Care Coordinator for the Northwest Territories, Senior Project Manager; and Manager, Continuing Care and Health Systems Planning.   Each of these experiences has allowed her to lend her education, experience and expertise in policy, planning and legislative development portfolios; and project management to addressing strategic priorities within the Department of Health and Social Services.