Jackie McMillan

Jackie McMillan, BES, Asperger’s

Bio: If you were so ill and inflamed when you were born that your mind and body wouldn’t work properly, would you know just how good life could get?  Until the mid-70s, I had no idea.  All I knew was that life hurt, I was different, and I was stigmatized.  But I was so lucky!

Because I discovered that I could influence my own comfort, happiness, and health recovery before I even knew I had autism, it was obvious that most autism “experts” wore no clothes.  So rather than believing my social, communication, and behavioural challenges were incurable, the mistaken opinions of authorities became my goad to continue my research and experiments.  Information silos ensure that almost everyone is missing key “how-to-thrive-with-autism” understandings that only combining personal experiences of autism with relevant research can bring.

I’m on a mission to help autistics around the world to optimize their quality of life.  More, I’m out to draw the connections between lifestyle, chronic health problems, damage to soils, and the inflammation that’s at the root of so much unnecessary human unhappiness and planetary destruction.  People who won’t change for their own sakes will often embrace change for the sake of a beloved child.  Help me optimize autism, and our planet will thrive.