In July 2015, CASDA received funding from Public Agency of Canada (PHAC) to undertake a nation-wide Stakeholder Engagement process to seek input into the development of a plan for a Canadian Autism partnership (CAP). CASDA struck a Secretariat Team to reach out to Canadians. This included support and direction from a Working Group of experts representing the diverse sectors of the nation’s Autism community, as well as a Self-Advocates’ Advisory Group, made up of seven dynamic Autistic self-advocates from across Canada. CASDA consulted with 5,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast to gather data and feedback.

In November 2016, we submitted the Business Plan for CAP to Jane Philpott, the Minister of Health, with a proposal for a model that had input and support just over 5000 Canadians, including representatives of all 13 provincial and territorial governments. You can see the CAP material on the CASDA website.

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