Below you’ll find some of the work we are doing to bring national attention to autism.

Roadmap to a National Autism Strategy

Launched in Spring 2020, CASDA has developed a proposed timeline for the government to work together with the autism community to develop and implement a robust National Autism Strategy.
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Blueprint for a National Autism Strategy

Launched in Spring 2019, the Blueprint for a National Autism Strategy calls on the federal government to take a leadership role in supporting autistic Canadians, as well as their families and caregivers.
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Canadian Autism Partnership Project

Completed in 2016, the Canadian Autism Partnership Project mobilized individuals and organizations across disciplines and sectors on a national level to accelerate innovation and action to address the most complex issues affecting individuals on the Spectrum.
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National Needs Assessment Survey

Completed in 2014, this report is a result of almost 6,000 responses to the national survey on autism. This is the first survey of its kind.
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Ready Willing and Able

Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is a national initiative active in 20 communities across Canada, with a branch in all 13 provinces and territories.
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CASDA Webinar Series FAQ

During the months of April and May, CASDA hosted a series of webinars related to a National Autism Strategy. During our “Conversations with MP’s” and “Senators at Home” webinars, we opened the discussion to participants and asked them to submit questions to be answered during the webinar. We received such a large amount of questions, that we weren’t able to answer them all during the live webinars. We have collected all of the questions that went unanswered during each webinar and compiled them into a document. Click below to view the document containing the answered questions from our webinar series.  

CASDA FAQ Document: June 9, 2020