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Closing the Gaps: A Presentation to the Select Committee for Developmental Services by Autism Ontario, 2013


Diversity in Ontario’s Youth and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Complex Needs in an Unprepared System by The Redpath Centre, 2013


Forgotten: Ontario Adults with Autism and Adults with Aspergers by Autism Ontario, 2008


Inclusion and Opportunity: A New Path for Developmental Services in Ontario by The Select Committee on Developmental Services, 2014


Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by the Government of Ontario, 2007


Identification of and Program Planning for Students with Disabilities by the Ministry of Education, 2014


If Inclusion Means Everyone, WHY NOT ME? by Community Living Ontario, et al.


Making a Difference for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Ontario Schools by the Ministers’ Autism Spectrum Disorders Reference Group, 2007


Special Education Update on Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by the Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016


Incorporating Methods of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Into Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by the Ontario Ministry of Education, 2007


Identifying trends and supports for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder transitioning into postsecondary by Susan Alcorn MacKay, Northern Ontario Assessment & Resource Centre, 2009 


2010 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario – Special Education Follow-up on 2008 Annual Report by the Ontario Ministry of Education, 2010


Special Education in Ontario Kindergarten to Grade 12 Policy and Resource Guide by the Ontario Ministry of Education, 2017


Supporting Transitions for Students with Special Education Needs by the Ontario Ministry of Education, 2013


The Ministry of Education Announces Pilot to Improve School-Based Supports for Students with Autism by Autism Ontario, 2017


Special Education Transformation: The report of the Co-Chairs with the Recommendations of the Working Table on Special Education by Dr. Sheila Bennett & Kathleen Wynne, 2006


Access Talent: Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities by the Government of Ontario, 2017


Diversity in Ontario’s Youth and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Finding and Keeping Employment by Autism Ontario, 2013

Ontario Autism Program

Outcomes and Guiding Principles for the Ontario Autism Program by the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee


Ontario Autism Program Clinical Framework by the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Clinical Expert Committee for the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2017


Ontario Autism Program Guidelines by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2018

Services & Supports

Ending the Wait: An Action Agenda to Address the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities by Housing Study Group of Autism Ontario, 2013


Priority service needs and receipt across the lifespan for individuals with autism spectrum disorder by Jonathan K. Y. Lai and Jonathan A. Weiss, 2017


The Cost-Effectiveness of Expanding Intensive Behavioural Intervention to All Autistic Children in Ontario by the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto, 2006


Youth and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ontario: Service Issues and Recommendations by the Ontario Partnership for Adults with Aspergers and Autism (OPAAA), 2015

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