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Session: Mental Health Supports Across the Lifespan – Formal and informal mental health supports

Information and Resource List to Support Session Discussion

10 things the NHS must do about mental health and autism – Blog post, Autistica, 29 November 2017

  1. Collaborate with autistic people and their families to understand their experiences with services.
  2. Cover the mental health needs of autistic children, teenagers and adults, including older
  3. Explain how mental health problems can look different in autistic people compared to
  4. Address the increased and unique risk of suicide amongst autistic
  5. Emphasise that we should not ‘just accept’ the mental health problems that autistic people
  6. Recognise that each autistic person is different. Support should be personalised to their
  7. Begin by identifying what has worked for autistic people
  8. Ensure future research into mental health and autism is adopted into
  9. Get the support of NHS leaders – to ensure the pathways become reality quickly across the
  10. Do more than just diagnose people with autism. The NHS should not leave autistic people experiencing mental health problems

Autistica- Autism and Mental Health: A guide to looking after your mind


Resources on mental health for autism and other developmental disabilities, including a guide for families and caregivers.

ASD Mental Health Research Summaries occurring-Psychiatric-and-Medical-Conditions.pdf Are-Related-to-Gastrointestinal-Problems-in-Children-With-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder.pdf for-verbal-adults-with-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder.pdf autistic-symptoms-or-problem-behaviours-in-children-with-ASD_.pdf Department-Visits-Among-Children-with-an-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder.pdf severity-for-adults-with-Asperger-syndrome.pdf Children-With-Autism-Spectrum-Disorders-and-Anxiety.pdf

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