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Employment can have many benefits for an individual, with or without autism. It enhances financial independence, quality of life, cognitive functioning, sense of purpose, social integration, opportunity for independent living, and self-esteem (Joshi et al., 2012; Walsh et al., 2014). The latest census reported that only 33% of Canadians reporting autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as one of two conditions causing them the most difficulty were employed in comparison to 79% of Canadians living without a disability (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2017). CASDA, as part of Ready, Willing, Able (RWA), proposes a project that models the Community Association for Community Living’s (CACL) employment scan for people with developmental disabilities to evaluate the current barriers that autistic people face entering the workforce as well as their employment needs. This brief on Employment and Job Coaching for Autistic People could, ultimately, set the framework for a national job coaching program geared towards autistic Canadians to address the current gaps in Canadian employment programs.

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