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Join us and be a part of one of the largest virtual gathering of autism experts and changemakers in Canada!  

Our Virtual Summit will give you the unique opportunity of being able to engage with other changemakers about the work going on in the autism sector in Canada. 

Mindful of your overdose of screen time, we will ensure that you will not be “talked at” through your device all day at our Virtual Summit. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat, take guided (physical and mental) health breaks, and engage throughout our innovative agenda. So rest assured, it won’t be one video call after another all day.

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The 2020 agenda will keep the momentum for change going by providing opportunities to learn about and actively inform work in supporting a National Autism Strategy. We’ll be working together for a deeper dive into linking policy, practice and data.

There will be multitude of online presentation formats including: 

  • A mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions;
  • Opportunities for Q&As after each session or theme; 
  • Access to content after the Summit on the CASDA website and YouTube account;
  • And the opportunity for you to share the content with your own network. 

The Summit will continue to host poster presentations, discussion groups and networking rooms. Dynamic discussions and polling will guide the continuing development of a National Autism Strategy and our partnership with the federal government in spite of the current physical barriers.

As a taste of what is to come, here is a word cloud showing the most used words from our open call for proposals… 


Registration is now open for the Canadian Autism Leadership Virtual Summit!

General admission is only $30 for the month of August and $20 for members! Prices go up in September, so be sure to purchase tickets soon!


Exciting support and sponsorship opportunities for the Summit available, please contact