Kicking Off the New Year with a Recap & Work Forecast

Kicking Off the new year with a recap and work forecast

On October 19, 2011, the Leadership Committee of CASDA had follow up meetings with our partners in several federal agencies to continue our work towards changes in policy and the support for programs that will benefit the ASD community. The Leadership Committee represented by:

Kathleen Provost, Autism Society Canada

Debbie Irish, Geneva Centre for Autism (interim) Margaret Whelan, Geneva Centre for Autism (retired) Dave Mikkelsen, The Society for Treatment of Autism met with:

The honourable Jim Munson, Senator, Ottawa-Rideau Canal Synopsis of Conversation:

  • The reintroduction of Senator Munson’s Bill S-206: AN ACTRESPECTING WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY
  • Opportunities to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders andCASDA among Senators and Members of Parliament, especially in lightof the increased number of new MPs
  • Co-hosting of the annual World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) receptionon Parliament Hill in AprilLisa BeLZaK, Epidemiologist, Public Health Agency Canada Synopsis of Conversation:
  • Forward movement on the development and design of a NationalSurveillance System for Developmental Disorders, starting with ASD
  • The activity of the Nomination Committee to create the AdvisoryCommittee for the surveillance system
  • The timelines and process for the formation of the Advisory Committeein 2012
  • Con rmation of CASDA as a key partner, contributing knowledgetranslation, advocacy and participation on the Advisory Committee
  • Involvement of Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in the April 2012WAAD proceedingsnathaLie gendrOn, Assistant Director, Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
    Synopsis of Conversation:
  • Progress on the ASD portfolio within Canadian Institutes of HealthResearch (CIHR)
  • Current levels of funding for research in ASD
  • Con rmation of CASDA as a key partner

the hOnOUraBLe MiKe LaKe, Member of Parliament, Edmonton-Mill Woods- Beaumont
Synopsis of Conversation:

  • Reviewed outcome of meetings of the day
  • Mike’s role in reaching out to other MPs that have a family member with an ASD, to increase the base of support for a federal ASD agenda
  • Review of relationship/role of CASDA and its membersThese meetings provided an opportunity for CASDA to reiterate the importance of leadership and action on the federal level in the area of
    ASD. We continue to stress the shared vision of CASDA members that all Canadians with an ASD have full and equal access to the resources that they require to participate fully in Canadian society.gOaLs fOr 2012:
  • Membership drive resulting in renewals and expansion of members
  • Development of governance policies for CASDA
  • WAAD reception on Parliament with participation for all 3 major politicalparties
  • Surveillance Advisory Committee membershipcasda LOOKing fOrward: 2012 – 2014
  • Active participation in the development of a Surveillance process – Advisory Committee membership
  • On going dialogue with CRA to increase allowable deductions
  • Support for the reintroduction and passing of the bill S-206: AN ACTRESPECTING WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY
  • Increased role and strengthened partnership with CIHR

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