Speaking for ASD at the Federal Level


On June 8th, 2011, the Leadership Committee of CASDA met with of cials from several federal agencies to work towards changes in policy and
the creation of programs that will bene t the Autism Spectrum Disorder community. The Leadership Committee met with:

CONNOR ROBINSON, Canada Revenue Agency Synopsis of conversation:

  • Broadening the interpretation of existing categories of eligible expenses under the Medical Expenses Tax Credit to include more expenses often faced by families with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Adding Autism Spectrum Disorder-related expenses to the list if eligible expenses under the Medical Expenses Tax Credit
  • Clarifying the rules and procedures of the audit process

LISA BELZAK, Epidemiologist, Public Health Agency of Canada Synopsis of conversation:

  • The development and design of a National Surveillance System for Developmental Disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • The creation of a nomination committee to create an advisory committee for the National Surveillance System
  • The creation of an advisory committee for the National Surveillance System

NATALIE GENDRON, Assistant Director, Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction, Canadian Institute of Health Research
Synopsis of conversation:

  • The current levels of funding for research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • New developments which are in the works that should be made public shortly

THE HONOURABLE JIM MUNSON, Senator, Ottawa-Rideau Canal Synopsis of conversation:

  • Raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders among Senators and Members of Parliament
  • The reintroduction of Senator Munson’s bill on ASDsTHE HONOURABLE MIKE LAKE, Member of Parliament, Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont
    Synopsis of conversation:
  • Reviewed outcome from meetings of the day
  • Discussed Mike playing a role in reaching out to other MPs that have a family member with an ASD, to increase the base of support for a federal ASD agenda
  • Reminder from Mike that the following website permits us to follow the progress of bills related to ASD -www.parl.gc.ca
  • There are presently two bills dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which are being introduced by the Member of Parliament for Sudbury, Glenn Thibeault (NDP).
  • Bill C-218: (Click Here to View) and Bill C-219: (Click Here to View)

These meetings were an opportunity for CASDA to reinforce the importance of action on the federal level in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders and share our vision that all Canadians with an Autism Spectrum Disorder have full and equal access to the resources that they require to achieve their full potential.

Thank-you for joining CASDA to ensure that our vision becomes a reality. Our strong, collective voice for the Autism Spectrum Disorder community at the federal level is making a difference!


  • Provide CASDA with examples of dif culties families with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder have encountered with the taxation process, including medical expenses incurred which are not included in the Medical Expenses Tax Credit. Please keep this submission to a maximum of half a page.


On June 8th, 2011, the Leadership Committee was represented by:

kathleen provoSt, Autism Society Canada laurie MawlaM, Autism Canada Foundation Margaret whelan, Geneva Centre for Autism Dave MikkelSen, Society for treatment of Autism

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