CASDA is looking for students interested in doing online placements and volunteer.

With the development of a National Autism Strategy, it is an exciting time to get involved in disability rights and policy development to make a difference in the lives of Autistic people, families, and service providers. With CASDA, you will make connections in the field of autism across the country with over 100 organizations spread across every province and territory.

Current student opportunities:


Ready Willing & Able Social Media: Learn how to curate specific information to be shared by a national organization on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    1. research on inclusive workplaces in Canada;
    2. developing a social calendar to suit the specific social needs of the organization;
    3. learn what types of content results in the highest levels of engagement on each social channel.

If you are a student who is interested in doing a placement with, send your resume, cover letter, and program placement requirements at

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