CASDA is looking for students interested in doing online placements and volunteer.

With the development of a National Autism Strategy, it is an exciting time to get involved in disability rights and policy development to make a difference in the lives of Autistic people, families, and service providers. With CASDA, you will make connections in the field of autism across the country with over 100 organizations spread across every province and territory.

Current student opportunities:

Autism Employment Scan (now – July 2021; 2-10 hours per week): In this environmental scan of all government disability employment programs available to Autistic Canadians and their employers, you would gain skills in:

  1. analysis by conducting a grey literature search of each province and territory’s service delivery model for disability employment supports;
  2. knowledge translation by developing actions and recommendations on how to better employment supports for Autistic Canadians from the grey literature search as well as from interviews with key experts and stakeholders; and
  3. website development by developing a tool for Autistic job seekers/employees and their employers to find the supports they need in their province or territory.

Autistic Voices Project (now – February 2021; 3-5 hours per week): In this COVID-19-born project, you would gain skills in:

  1. conducting literature reviews (on employment challenges during the pandemic);
  2. research methods by interviewing Autistic people across the country about their experience while job seeking and/or working in a pandemic (including drafting the interview questions); and
  3. video development by editing the testimonial recordings.

Advocacy Toolkit (January – October 2021; 2-3 hours per week): Every year, CASDA creates resources reflecting the current political climate for Canadians to write to their MPs and advocate for the rights of Autistic people in Canada. As a student in this project, you would gain skills in:

  1. advocacy,
  2. website development, and
  3. policy, by developing concise actionable items and key messages from existing research/policy reports.

Canadian Autism Leadership Summit 2021 (February – Oct 2021; 2-3 hours per week): Participate in the planning of the largest annual autism and policy event in Canada! You would gain skills in:

  1. event planning;
  2. communications by curating social media content and media releases;
  3. video editing; and
  4. website development.

Employment Recovery Project (now – March 2021; 2-3 hours per week): Take action in the development of resources for employers to promote the hiring and inclusive employment of Autistic Canadians as we recover from COVID-19. In this project, you would gain skills in:

  1. communications by creating social media content and promotion;
  2. potential opportunity in program development by supporting the development of a national promotional strategy for driving businesses, job seekers/employees and employment agencies to a new online resource and training platform;
  3. potential opportunity in program delivery by implementing the national promotional strategy and supporting its platform.

Ready Willing & Able Social Media (January – March; 2 hours per week): Learn how to curate specific information to be shared by a national organization on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    1. research on inclusive workplaces in Canada;
    2. developing a social calendar to suit the specific social needs of the organization;
    3. learn what types of content results in the highest levels of engagement on each social channel.

The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (January – March 2021; 1-3 hours per week): In this project, you will be assisting members of the Equity Panel from the Canadian Autism Leadership Summit 2020 with organizing and finalizing their submission to the first issue of the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity. In this position, you would gain skills in:

  1. Conducting research on equity disparities within the autism community; and
  2. Collaborating and coordinating with multiple authors on finalizing an article for publication.

If you are a student who is interested in doing a placement with CASDA, send your resume, cover letter, and program placement requirements at

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