CASDA Board Member’s Lived Experience Dealing with the DTC Highlighted in the Senate

CASDA has written and presented extensively on the injustices around the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) (see here, for example).

The Hon. Senator Jim Munson took a stand this week during the approval of Bill C-20 on DTC fairness.

Watch this video and listen to Senator Munson mention both CASDA’s call for the overhaul of the DTC (4:50) and quotes from CASDA Board Member Rebekah Kintzinger’s letter to the COVID-19 Disability Advocacy Committee (DAC) (5:00).

As the DTC is being used as the gateway for many other financial benefits, it is only right that it is applied consistently and fairly for autistic Canadians. The nonrefundable design, a lack of clarity of eligibility criteria, and an overly complicated application process create barriers for many on the spectrum.

Autistic people’s rights are human rights.

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