Disability Leadership Coalition proposal

The Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition concept note was produced by a small group of representatives from the disability sector. This group (which included DAWN, CASDA, CCRW, L’Arche, Easter Seals, BCANDS, CACL, CCD, Realize and a few more) created the concept note of which is now going to the broader disability community. It will be presented to Minister Qualtrough.

The purpose of the document is to get funding for a Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition. The intended impact of the Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition is the creation of a multi-level (Federal/Provincial/Territorial & Municipal) coalition that works collaboratively with disability and other civil society organizations, Indigenous organizations, individuals and stakeholders across Canada to engage with Government(s) (Federal, Provincial, Territorial, Indigenous and Municipal) and others to deconstruct and address systemic ableism and other intersecting forms of discrimination.

CASDA, along with the 20+ organizations that have signed off, is looking forward to continuing in this work; especially so that the National Autism Strategy can move forward in tandem with broader disability initiatives.

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