Come One, Come All! CASDA is recruiting individuals to join our Summit 2021 Planning Committee.

Every year CASDA hosts an annual conference, the Canadian Autism Leadership Summit. Each year, we host over 200 participants and speakers ranging from leading researchers in the autism sector to self advocates to government officials.

The driving force behind our success year in and year out is our dedicated Summit planning committee. As this year’s Planning Committee’s term of service is coming to a close with Summit 2020 just around the corner in October, CASDA is looking for new members to join the committee in support of the Summit. The current Summit 2020 Planning committee are expertly navigating us through the restrictions that originally found this year’s Summit in jeopardy, we look forward to new members who can continue bringing creative ideas to the group. 

As a committee member, you will have several important responsibilities, such as: 

  • Identifying Supporters
  • Effectively communicating with participants, supporters and speakers
  • Selecting Speakers
  • Supporting the planning of logistical elements (including the venue, accommodations etc.) 
  • Determining the agenda 

Please consider the committee member responsibilities before deciding whether or not to accept this invitation, as the success of the committee depends on the full commitment of every committee member. The time commitment for the Summit 2021 Planning Committee is approximately 5 hour per month (with one hour meetings each week), with a slight increase in the weeks prior to the Summit. 

In selecting members to join the committee, we will be giving priority to autistic voices as we look to include even more autistic voices this year. 

Please contact us at by <November 25th> with a paragraph (200 words max) about why you are interested and what skills you bring to the group. We look forward to working with you to make Summit 2021 the best yet!  

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