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CASDA on CBC Primetime

On Thursday February 4th, Dr. Jonathan Lai was interviewed on the CBC show, Canada Tonight, on how individuals living in group homes face many of the same risks as elders in long term care. You can watch the full interview here. To read more from CASDA on this issue: check out our October 2020 article […]

KBHN-CASDA Policy Development Practicum Award

Click here to download as a PDF What is the KBHN-CASDA Policy Development Practicum Award? The federal government is taking practical and actionable steps to develop a National Autism Strategy. The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) and Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) held policy fellowships, which produced a policy compendium. The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) has been […]

Statement on Vaccine Equity

View as pdf. CASDA calls on all levels of government to include vulnerable Autistic people, their essential caregivers, and support staff as a priority within the early vaccine rollout phases January 25, 2021 The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued guidance and tasked provincial and territorial governments with deciding the process for vaccine distribution […]

Announcing the CJAE Inaugural Editorial Board!

Following an extensive review of applicants and discussions amongst the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity Editorial Board Selection Team, we are pleased to announce that the selection of the inaugural Editorial Board of the journal has now been completed. It consists of:  Gerald Beaulieu Ryan Collis Matthew Dever Amy Kim  Rebekah Kintzinger Terri Robson Dr. […]

Call for Board Members

2021 Director Nomination and Election Process At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, the CASDA Board of Directors will have open space for up to 6 new Directors (3 Organization and 3 Ally). Nominations for these open Director positions will be accepted from CASDA members. Organization Members are organizations focused on autism and incorporated as a […]

Nouvelles Nationales sur l’autisme

Êtes-vous un adulte autiste dont l’emploi ou la recherche d’emploi a été touché par le COVID-19? L’ACTSA est à la recherche de participants pour partager leurs expériences avec le travail lors de la pandémie. Votre participation à ce projet consiste à faire une entrevue virtuelle de 30-60 minutes avec le logiciel Zoom afin de partager […]

How to Get Involved in Developing a National Autism Strategy in 2021

This year has been an eventful one at CASDA. Foremost, we saw movement towards a National Autism Strategy by the government. And, as a constructive policy generator, we are also starting to identify emerging gaps and make some real impacts in the Canadian autism sector collaboratively with our partners. Here, I wanted to provide an […]

Autistic Voices Project

Are you an autistic adult whose job or job-search has been impacted by COVID-19? CASDA is looking for participants to share their employment experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your participation in this project involves participating in one, 30 minutes-to-one-hour interview, online using Zoom software, to share your experiences regarding how the pandemic has impacted your […]

Accessibility Standards Canada is recruiting technical committee members to create standards on employment and emergency egress

Accessibility Standards Canada is now recruiting volunteer* experts for two new technical committees. These committees will create employment and emergency egress accessibility standards.  Experts with disabilities are key to the successful development of accessibility standards.  Each technical committee will consist of 12 to 18 members. All experts are required to represent one of the following […]


The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) is seeking your assistance in understanding how to improve autism research in Canada. We are consulting with stakeholders to understand how a research framework can continuously inform the National Autism Strategy and work in the sector. Canada does not currently have any research framework in place to oversee and manage how autism research is planned, […]

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