The 2021 Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2021), taking place October 6, 2021, is a virtual space where attendees can share ideas, experiences, and discuss gaps in policy that impact Canadians across the country.

Our goal is to have a variety of topics and ideas presented that will promote stimulating discussion between participants. Importantly, we want to create an atmosphere where we are able to learn from each other and gain perspectives from lived experiences across the country. CALS2021 aims to offer a platform to amplify underrepresented voices and share their perspectives regarding identified gaps in policy with decision-makers and Canadians alike. CALS is open to anyone interested, so make sure to register early as spots fill up fast!

Hosting a variety of inspiring topics and ideas through a keynote address, stimulating panels, and opportunities for discussion, CALS2021 plans to bring together hundreds of attendees from all 10 provinces and 3 territories to learn, share and build effective strategies. With ample networking opportunities, you won’t want to miss this chance to connect with experts and leaders in the community and to get up to date on the latest developments! Click here to view the full program for CALS2021!

DATE: October 6, 2021



  • Similar to CALS2020, CALS2021 will be held virtually on the platform Airmeet. Leading up to the Summit, The Planning Committee will put together a technical guide for CALS2021 attendees and set up virtual walkthroughs of the platform so that attendees can feel ready and comfortable on October 6, 2021. Stay tuned!

LOCATION: In-person

  • Last year, we held our first ever virtual CALS, which received fantastic feedback! Since then, many of us share a similar sentiment: we dearly miss the networking opportunities and camaraderie of face to face events. With this in mind, the 2021 Summit Planning Committee is orchestrating a twist to the conventional virtual conference… in-person watch parties in cities across Canada! Click here to learn more about this truly unique experience!

To get a sense of CALS2021, check out some of our work from previous CALS below!

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the CALS Planning Committee at summit@casda.ca.

Excited for future editions of CALS?

CALS2022 will take place April 4 & 5, 2022! Scroll down to see the themes for CALS2022.

Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion in Policy Development: “Nothing About Us Without Us”

This theme aims to explore rights-based approaches to policy development (i.e., Making sure the people affected by the policies are included in the design of those policies).

The Evolution of Evidence-Informed Supports Across the Lifespan

This theme aims to discuss diverse views on evidence-informed supports, and services across the entire lifespan.

Progress in Employment Programs and Disability Supports

This theme aims to explore federal tax policy, disability, and employment support.