The Board of Directors has been guiding the newly incorporated CASDA through the requirements of a not for profit organization within Canada. To that end, we have begun preparations for the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the new CASDA, which will be held in April as part of the National ASD Leadership Summit.

A review of the coherence between national representation of our membership and the make-up of the Board has resulted in a decision by the Board to expand the size of the Board by two (2). These two positions are being directed to specific stakeholders within CASDA to ensure that the Board has appropriate Canada-wide representation.  As a result of this analysis, the Board is calling for nominations from among the current CASDA members for a Board member that is able to represent Northern Canada and a Board member that can represent Quebec.

In addition to these criteria, prospective nominees must meet the following requirements:

  1.  Is a voting members of CASDA, with a membership in good standing
  2.  Has been a member of CASDA, in good standing, for more than 12 months
  3. Is a senior member of their organization, with authority to make decisions on behalf of their organization
  4. Is willing to serve a minimum of two (2) years on the Board
  5. Is willing to provide an average of five (5) hours per month to the work of CASDA
  6. Their organization is willing to cover the costs of at least one (1) meeting per year, in either Toronto or Ottawa, any related expenses incurred while carrying out the duties for the Corporation and attendance at the AGM

Members are asked to forward nominations to the Board Chair, Cynthia Carroll, no later than January 8, 2016. Nominations should be sent to

Enquiries should be forwarded to Margaret Whelan, Membership and By-laws Officer, at

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