The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) is seeking your assistance in understanding how to improve autism research in Canada. We are consulting with stakeholders to understand how a research framework can continuously inform the National Autism Strategy and work in the sector.

Canada does not currently have any research framework in place to oversee and manage how autism research is planned, funded, implemented, translated, or used. Without national standards, research efforts are often uncoordinated, duplicated, and difficult to integrate into practice.

CASDA has launched an initiative involving researchers, Autistics/self-advocates, professionals, and parents. This project aims to provide a platform for key stakeholders and solicit their opinion on issues related to research.

Below is the first survey in the series that forms a part of this collaborative initiative. Completing the survey should take approximately 15 minutes. Results from this will provide the foundation for focused discussions with stakeholders starting January 2021.  Information gleaned from these discussions will be used to develop a policy brief for the Federal government and a framework for the development of a Learning Health System.  Any insights that you could provide by December 9, 2020, would be most helpful.

Click here to complete the survey.

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