Each year in Spring, CASDA hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM). At each AGM, members of CASDA vote on the following:

  • Election of Board Directors;
  • Approval of Financial Statements;
  • Appointment of Auditors, and;
  • Updates to Bylaws.

Furthermore, at each AGM, CASDA members hear from the Chair and are provided with an overview of CASDA’s initiatives, projects, and accomplishments to date.

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  • Paid members of CASDA (i.e. 1 vote per organization / affiliation) are eligible to vote at the AGM.

Interested in becoming a Director on CASDA’s Board of Directors?
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  • *Note: This link contains a package for Board of Directors Nomination for 2021. A similar package will be released later this year with updated information for the 2022 Election Process.

Below are links to documents and recordings to CASDA’s most recent AGMs: